Petit Ironwood Cleaver 150mm

Utilitarian art meets vegetable chopping, the Don Carlos Andrade way. Exquisite from front to back, Don designed this knife as a sort of mini vegetable cleaver. We believe it's bound for greatness and no shortage of varied use in the kitchen of its future. The blade profile and handle shape allow the user ample vertical clearance for parting larger vegetables as well rocking on the cutting board. A hard, sharp edge beneath Don's pronounced convex bevel geometry is combined with a nakiri / cleaver-style lack of distal taper, giving the blade a sturdy, workhorse feel that can make this the go-to knife for a wide variety of daily meal prep tasks. Sculpted from a gorgeous piece of Arizona Desert Ironwood with antique micarta ferrule, the handle is every bit as comfortable in the hand, in any grip, as it is beautiful to behold. From the rounding of the rear of the handle to the shaping and polishing of the blade's choil and spine, no detail is overlooked.