Imperial Orb Chef 217mm

Artist Don Carlos Andrade's three decades of experience as a formally trained chef, sculptor, and accomplished bladesmith come together in an extraordinary chef's knife built to take the role of daily kitchen workhorse and designed to electrify the senses. In the hand this weighted, full-size tool balances at the front of an integral bolster that Don has sculpted by hand into a work of metallic art, while behind the polished sphere is a hand-filling piece of vintage International Paper Co. bleached linen micarta carved into a tapering, faceted, and above all, comfortable handle with which to control the power of the cutting edge. That edge, sharp and superbly profiled to rock gracefully on the cutting board while maintaining a low tip position for detail work, along with the pronounced, freehand convex bevel geometry expected from Don, and full-distal taper along the spine, have all been forged from a piece of Don Hanson's coveted W2 carbon steel. To prepare food for friends and family with a tool like this is to experience a connection with the world around us, and with the oldest tool known to man, in a deep and meaningful way. Made by Don, a cloth-covered saya is included.