Fauve Step Chef Set

Delivered in a beautiful, custom walnut display box, Don Carlos Andrade's latest two-knife chef’s set is both exquisitely fashioned and purposefully built for the hard-working home cook and professional chef alike. In RWL 34 stainless steel, a high-performance stainless alloy created by Damasteel in Sweden, each blade enjoys a silky, hand-sanded satin finish with matching 'step' spine profiles and the geometry expected of Don: convex, tough, thoughtful, sharp, and balanced. A formally trained chef and bladesmith of over 15 years, Don's creative eye meets function and utility in everything he builds, and these knives are no different. With a 180mm chef knife standing 48mm off the cutting board at the heel, and a 130mm by 38mm tall petty to match, there is nothing one cannot accomplish no matter how large the meal. In striking G.L. Hansen & Son's rag G-carta around tapering full blade tangs, inlaid with vintage blue Westinghouse micarta, and fastened with pairs of hand-hammered and polished steel pins, the comfort and visuals provided by the handles rival the blade's themselves for attention. In addition to the display box, a dual, cloth-covered saya is included as well.