Alsace Micarta Butcher 115mm

Dressed in beautiful, vintage micarta fitted with a round inlay of translucent green G10, a Don Carlos Andrade trademark, this butcher's knife is the latest in Don's exploration of the Alsace style. Modeled after the French chef knives of centuries past, Don's Alsace knives all feature this comfortable, recognizable, hand-filling handle design, especially suited to hard-use knives like this short, tough butcher's boning knife where a solid grip is crucial for use while trimming and separating meat from bone. For this build, the formally trained chef behind its creation selected CTS-XHP stainless steel, a high carbon, powder metallurgy alloy with high corrosion resistance. Sharp and strong at the edge belove his usually superb convex geometry, Don gives the bevels a silky, hand-sanded satin finish below a rounded and polished spine that tapers steadily from handle to tip. A handcrafted cloth-covered saya is included.