Hanyaki Blackwood Chef 189mm

From Mastersmith David Lisch in Washington State comes a refined and striking 189mm / 7.44" petty chef knife in beautifully finished W2 carbon steel. Like a functional sculpture for the kitchen, no detail is overlooked, from the strong and sharp tip at the end of the spine's steady distal taper, back through the blade's silky honyaki finish, and on through the integral bolster of facets, curves, and perfectly placed undulations for both comfort and uniquely captivating good looks. A weighted and solid knife in the hand, with nicely formed bevels that thin at the edge while maintaining material and strength for all variety of work, combined with a relatively straight edge profile, make this an excellent all-around utility knife and slicer with no shortage of function at the cutting board. And to wield the blade you'll find an exquisite handle carved from African Blackwood, set against the bolster with spacers of black G10 and brass.