Golden Copper Mosaic Chef 240mm

The pinnacle of Master Bladesmith David Lisch's work to grace the Eatingtools collection to date represents a convergence of art and utility of untold magnitude. At least, that is how it feels to us to be in the presence of this incredible object. To see only a silhouette of this one-of-a-kind chef knife's form would lead any chef to believe it is a classic interpretation of a Western-style, full size cutting tool designed for daily use, and it is in fact just that. However, it's so much more. The first in David's journey to hand-forge copper for use in culinary knife handles, the Washington-based artist held nothing back. For the blade, he created a carbon mosaic damascus pattern as alluring and unique as any we have seen, combining what our eyes see as zebra stripes, with a sort of starburst effect, all in a natural, warm, and organic package. The edge geometry from David is, of course, superb in every way, with subtlety convex bevel geometry, a very thin, sharp edge, a full-distal taper along the rounded spine to a needle-like tip, and an overall profile with which to do it all. The damascus comes to a head at a beautifully sculpted integral bolster, and this is where the next magic trick begins. First, joining steel to copper, is a ring of pure 24k gold. Then, in comfortable and painstakingly hand-hammered form, copper forms the majority of the area the fingers and palm will enjoy, with blackwood inside for balance durability. Then, for aesthetic balance and a jaw-dropping completion, a second ring of pure gold, capped with a carbon damascus finial, are seen at the rear. To hold this heirloom object is to experience more than culinary art in the hand, it is to experience this talented maker with intimacy and depth.