Koa Gyuto 210mm

We are pleased to present a versatile, utile gyuto crafted by our newest knifemaker, Dan Bidinger. Made from A2 steel, this 210mm / 8.3” blade features a hard, sharp edge below Dan's superb, convex and thin edge geometry, the high-performance steel alloy offering good corrosion resistance, more than most carbon steels due to chromium content. A strong, well-rounded blade spine tapers to a pointed and very thin tip for detailed work, with the sculpted blade spine adding further comfort in any grip. The nature of the hardened A2 tool steel creates a unique shimmer and beautiful finish on the nicely polished, coffee etched surface. For a tough, every-day kitchen tool, this gyuto is lightweight, well balanced, imparting a natural feel, that of an extension of the chef's hand, while at work. The handle is handsomely sculpted from koa wood and complimented by a smooth black micarta bolster, providing a combination of distinct facets in a Western profile that sits comfortably in the hand.