Burlap B-Grind Chef 245mm

In a beautifully finished package that delivers every element Dan Bidinger's handmade chef knives are becoming so well known for, this versatile, performance-oriented kitchen workhorse is poised to become your do-all culinary cutting tool. In silky, satin-finished AEB-L high-performance stainless steel, the long, 245mm / 9.6" blade enjoys Dan's superb compound 'B-grind' geometry, an approach Dan has tested and honed over the recent past to produce a blade that moves through food with efficiency and maximum food release. Gently concave from the rounded, polished spine down, this top section meets a deep, thin hollow channel, before transitioning to the final convex portion just above a thin and very sharp edge. Tapering steadily along the spine from heel to tip, the blade is stiff and tough in the rear, and slim and slightly flexible in the final inches. For comfort and control over the 57mm tall blade which rocks nicely on the board is a handle sculpted from three kinds of micarta that nestles green and maroon canvas between opposing pieces of striking brown burlap micarta, secured with two flush, polished bronze pins.