"This creative passion had been a life long pursuit for me, I will always strive to learn & grow."

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Corey Williams, Studio Weyh - North Carolina

Inherently organic, and demanding of passion and dedication by its practitioners, the act of cooking inspires Cory Williams to use his extensive metalwork experience for culinary good. Beautifully designed and hand-crafted to exacting standards in North Carolina, Studio Weyh woks are the culmination of Cory's career in various metal arts. Beginning as an apprentice to a metal sculptor and fabricator, Cory went on to assistant-teaching blacksmithing and fabrication classes at craft schools, and working with, and learning from, professional artisans and studio artists for nearly a decade. The time then came to pursue his own niche within this world of beautifully crafted and functional objects, and Studio Weyh was born. Each detail of every wok is precisely planned and executed, from the angle of the carbon steel walls, to the engineering of the handle rivets, to the brass elements that provide not only a beautiful aesthetic, but help attain the desired rigidity of the handle connection as well. Cory's extensive experience building finely tuned tools is evident in each piece of cookware he produces.

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    Gan Shan Wok
    Corey Williams, Studio Weyh
    Gan Shan Wok