Twisted Feather Chef 303mm

'Larger than life' seems an appropriate way to describe this one-of-a-kind cutting tool from chef knife artist and bladesmith Casey Vilensky. With a whopping 303mm / 11.9" edge, very thin, and very sharp, the stunning blade is forged from two combined house-made carbon damascus patterns, an inverted feather above, and a twisted low layer pattern below to complement the dense lines of the feather. Both patterns are visible in the beautifully shaped integral bolster which tapers back to front, faceted on three sides at the top, and rounded along the bottom. From heel to tip, including the full length of the spine, the blade is slim and flexible, heat-treated for edge performance, strength, and longevity. In spite of its size, 460mm / 18.1” overall, the weight has been kept to just 10.4oz / 296g, and further, Casey has balanced the knife perfectly at the blade’s heel. For comfort and control over the XL business end of the tool, Casey crafts a handle as beautiful and purpose-driven as the blade, with Tasmanian Blackwood, stunning vintage micarta, black G10, and a polished brass retention nut. Finally, as Casey often does, only this time with as much fanfare as we could ask for, a matching saya is included, made from the same head-turning blackwood, micarta, and G10, with pins of titanium.