Medusa Mosaic Gyuto 210mm

Named for Medusa of Greek mythology, the twists and gnarls of this winding mosaic damascus pattern by Casey Vilensky create a tension you can practically feel, tension from the dark energy of Medusa's head of a thousand venomous snakes, yet one that thankfully will not turn you to stone, whether you can look away, or not. Thin, light, and fast in the hand, this 210mm / 8.27" gyuto with precisely hardened edge at 60 HRC, full distal taper, and tall, convex bevels, is as fun on the cutting board as it looks. And with a simple, dark, and elegant handle of in-house stabilized, locally sourced maple burl, with spacer of G10 and ferrule of resin-cast fordite, it looks good doing it. Included is a matching, custom saya.