Mt Fuji Gyuto 240mm

A Bryan Raquin gyuto with a twist. This rather special build from Bryan, in his expected style, materials, and finish, is unusually adorned by a beautiful scene engraved by Japanese artist Mali Irie-Cros. Born in Tokyo, today Mali lives not far from Bryan in Albi, France, and this collaboration combines the talents of these neighbors so beautifully.  On the rear, left-hand side of the blade's dark flat section, or 'hira', is a scene by Mali depicting a Japanese bonsai tree, the infamous Mount Fuji volcano, and birds in flight. The detail and warmth imbued upon the blade by this artistic expression is palpable at first sight. Functionally, the knife offers everything one looks for in a workhorse from Bryan: a low shinogi, razor sharp, whetstone-polished edge of small-batch 145sc carbon steel, a kasumi finish, and simple, textured, octagonal of locally-sourced burn oak.