La Série Raquin - Noyer

In collaboration with Bryan Raquin, our first exclusive chef knife series features a 220mm gyuto profile with Bryan's hand-rubbed petrichor finish and reclaimed noyer (walnut wood) handle and saya. The hand forged san mai blade consists of the highly regarded, super clean 145sc carbon steel (1.45% carbon and little else) for the core and a mild XC10 for the outer jackets, heat treated and water quenched by Bryan. The walnut wood, with its beautiful, deep grain, is carved from 100+ year old reclaimed furniture belonging to Bryan's parents and grandparents.

Each blade is individually numbered and only 10 knives in La Série Raquin - Noyer style will be made. *Note: you may choose from the knife numbers remaining in stock but individual photos are not available, and each knife, being entirely handmade, will vary slightly.