Blunt-Nose Slicer 215mm

A cross between a short nakiri and a double bevel takohiki or yanagiba, this beautiful blade by Bryan Raquin is as functional as it is unique. Ideal for long, delicate slices or for chopping of smaller ingredients, especially where the added strength of short, convex bevels above a hair-popping sharp edge is required, this 215mm / 8.5" rectangular blade will find no shortage of uses in the kitchen. Balancing an inch and a half in front of the blade's heel, the rounded spine tapers from the back, where it stands 44mm above the board, to the blunt tip where it stands 33mm tall. To manipulate this one-of-a-kind tool from Bryan's shop in France's Auvergne region is a two-tone handle of local burnt oak wood in a comfortable, octagonal form.