Blenheim Damascus Gyuto 235mm

The latest limited-edition build from the Blenheim Forge bladesmiths, this 235mm / 9.3" gyuto features a san mai blade clad in homemade pure nickel and mild steel damascus, with a sharp, thin edge of blue paper carbon steel. Tall and versatile, the blade is relatively straight in traditional Japanese 'gyuto' style with the tapered spine dropping to a slim tip for detail work and slicing. Blenheim bladesmith Jon Warshawsky achieves a beautiful, almost three-dimensional chatoyance in the blade bevels by combing different thicknesses of steels with various carbon contents. Fumed oak forms the majority of the octagonal handle which tapers forward to a spacer of polished steel and on to the bolster of Richlite, filling the hand to provide a natural, comfortable grip. A matching, handmade fumed oak saya is included.