Monosteel Integral Gyuto 289mm

The second knife in Austrian bladesmith Benjamin Kamon's foray into single piece, monosteel construction of a complete chef knife has manifested in this extraordinary, 289mm / 11.4" chef knife. Forged from 1.3505 high-carbon steel, the blade's spine tapers from a wide 5.2mm in front of the handle to a paper-thin, needle-like tip, making this extra-large edged culinary tool a versatile and precise instrument of food preparation. Using fire and hammer, Benjamin begins by punching a small hole in what will become the handle, and then slowly stretches and contorts the same material which, on the other side, will become the blade, carefully shaping solid steel into the final form seen here. Tall, convex blade bevels are finished with marks of the hammer alongside polished surfaces in front of a dark, forge-finished handle to create one beautiful, one-of-a-kind knife.