Monolithic Cleaver 210mm

As Austrian bladesmith Benjamin Kamon continues his dive into these striking one-piece 'Monolithic' knife builds, forged by hand, blade and handle together, from a single piece of steel, new heights continue to be reached. In this case, a height of 98mm, or nearly four inches, to be precise. In his preferred 1.2519 high-carbon steel heat treated in-house to a high hardness of 65 HRC, this cleaver is not for the faint of heart. Above the low, belt-finished blade bevels are flats featuring his Wave texturing that shows with each blow Benjamin's control of heat and pressure, the forces needed to form solid steel into functional art. In a trapezoidal shape, the handle expands back and outward in all directions, tapering toward the rear soon after the short tang section between blade and handle. Thin and razor-sharp at the edge as you can expect of his work, Benjamin has delivered yet another striking cutting tool for the kitchen.