Masur Birch Torpedo Chef Set

From bladesmith Benjamin Kamon, we bring you this uniquely designed, superbly crafted, and extremely versatile set of culinary blades to tackle virtually every cutting task in any chef’s kitchen. In addition to providing uncompromising utility, this one-of-a-kind set will at the same time fulfill the chef’s need to be in touch with extraordinary beauty of craftsmanship and imagination. Hand forged from 1.2519 carbon steel, both knives feature razor sharp edges and jaw-dropping full distal tapers that culminate in fine, needle-like tips for effortless precision. Water-cooled throughout the grinding process to preserve this clean, high-carbon steel’s grain structure, the resulting high-performance edges are thin and heat treated to a high hardness. The small petty knife enables long, precise, and detailed cuts during daily kitchen work, while the large, 280mm / 11” gyuto, standing 64mm tall, will perform beautifully on the cutting board, whether chopping for days or handling more subtle tasks with it’s thin, aggressively designed tip. Each a piece of art in their own right, the “Torpedo” style handles are three-tone, dyed, and stabilized masur birch with stainless bolster and pommel, constructed, as all of Benjamin’s handles, to be removed for cleaning or replacement. Custom made G10 says are included with each knife.