Kamon x Gatignol Illustrated Chef

Easily the most unique artist collaboration in our decade of representing creative individuals, it's an honor to bring you this project by Austrian bladesmith and designer Benjamin Kamon, and French illustrator and visual artist Bertrand Gatignol whose work can be seen on the big screen, on television, and in a number of printed works. These seemingly odd bedfellows were brought together when Bertrand found himself in need of a knife design which would complement and accompany a scene in an illustrated novel he was creating. He reached out to Ben with a description of the scene in question, and Ben went to work designing, and then of course, creating, the knife the characters (first a surgeon, and then Gita in whose hands the knife is pictured in the finished work) would use. With its hand-forged 'Denty' flats, elusive compound 'S-grind' geometry from Ben, and shield-style wa handle of bog oak, brass, and blackened steel, the knife is very much in line with Benjamin's well known and recognizable style, but with the twist of a materials combination, profile, and overall footprint developed just for Bertrand's story. The knife was sent to Bertrand, and over the following months he put pen to paper completing and publishing First Born - The Ogre Gods Book Four, along with his partner in that project, the late Hubert Boulard. We are now thrilled to bring you this one-of-a-kind package which includes the knife itself, the original artwork first created by Bertrand showcasing the knife, and finally, a copy of each of the four books in The Ogre Gods collection including Book Four in which the knife appears. A rare, one-of-a-kind compilation of works by two artists at the forefronts of their respective mediums.