Galaxy Pyramids Gigantoku 246mm

Even more gigantic than the last Gigantoku to grace our collection, this new build from bladesmith Benjamin Kamon appears to come from a galaxy far, far away. Yet one must look only as far as Ben's Austrian studio, or, of course, right here. In his preferred 1.2519 high carbon steel treated to a high hardness of 65 HRC (hardness on the Rockwell C scale), the hand-forged blade has received Ben's new Pyramids forged-finish texture above satin, convex bevels that slim to a thin, razor-sharp edge. At 246mm / 9.7" long and a whopping 83mm tall at the heel, the 11.8oz / 334mm overall package is robust to be sure, yet in Ben's usual style, incredible balance is achieved through a full-distal taper along the spine that slims to a very thin and powerful tip for a wide variety of slicing needs. The handle, removeable using the included tool, is shaped from Deep Space 'Galaxy' resin of blues, purples, and greens, and fitted with etched titanium torpedo-style end caps. Included is a custom G10 saya with steel hardware.