Frozen Aluminum Chef 220mm

A head-turning conversation starter from Austrian bladesmith Benjamin Kamon, this one-of-a-kind chef knife features Benjamin's shichi mai (7-layer) blade formula, and a handle of sculpted aluminum. You heard that correctly; the handle, it's end caps, and even the matching saya, are carved from brushed aluminum for a wonderful feel, and a bold, unique aesthetic. With valleys and peaks in the wave pattern of the blade reminiscent of snow-capped mountains, an ice-like textured aluminum saya, and handle as though liquid metal was frozen in place, the Frozen Aluminum Chef will make an excellent daily user. The blade is balanced, stiff and strong out of the handle, and tapers quickly to a very thin stretch leading to the fine tip, while maintaining stiffness throughout the spine. The edge could not be thinner. The knife could not be more beautiful.