Denty Gigantoku 240mm

At 240mm long by 80mm tall, bladesmith Benjamin Kamon gives us little choice but to use his moniker 'Gigantoku' to appropriately name this incredible chef's knife. Hand forged from the 1.2519 carbon steel that Benjamin knows so well, he has taken the edge to a high hardness of 65 HRC using his finely tuned hardening process. A beautiful, 'denty' finish hugs the blade's spine which tapers to a fine, needle-like tip where the blade is thinnest, while maintaining strength and balance in geometry further back for all variety of demanding tasks. Sculpted to Benjamin's torpedo profile, the handle, capped with stainless steel in front and back, is made from Sonowood, a sustainable, high-density, 100% wood-based composite that mimics the qualities and stability of tropical hardwoods in an environmentally friendly, technologically driven alternative.