Currency Cleaver 240mm

A striking, world-class cleaver by Austrian bladesmith Benjamin Kamon. Hand forged from 1.2519 carbon steel, the 240mm blade stands 100mm tall, the 'denty' finish giving way to convex bevels that culminate at a razor-sharp edge. Benjamin strives for optimal grain structure by tightly controlling his processes throughout the forging and grinding phases, resulting in an extremely hard, sharp edge for outstanding performance during daily use. Unique and captivating, the handle is formed from shredded currency and red dye suspended in resin, a 'blood money' aesthetic as it has been known, with black G10 end caps secured using bolts. If needed the handle can be removed for maintenance. Hidden beneath the handle, as on all of Ben's knives, you will find the blade's specifications including steel type, hardness, and production date, engraved on the tang. A custom G10 saya is included.