Bronze Micarta Cleaver 240mm

To hold this cleaver by Benjamin Kamon is to experience another dimension of cutting power. Tipping the scales at over one pound, or half a kilogram, the ability of the razor-sharp 240mm edge to move effortlessly through nearly any ingredient is immediately apparent. Benjamin goes thin and hard at the edge when shaping and hardening his preferred culinary alloy, 1.2519 carbon steel, and this vegetable cleaver is no exception, with subtly convex bevels gracing the last inch or so of the 100mm tall profile, contrasted by forge-textured flats to the spine. A maker's mark is visible on both sides of the blade just shy of the ricasso and beautifully contoured choil, beyond which point the tang disappears into the handles front end cap of patinated and sculpted bronze, separated from a matching rear end cap by a gorgeous piece of natural linen micarta. The handle is removeable using the included wrench.