Bronze Blackwood 110mm Cleaver

Named for its height rather than length, this tall, bold, and beautiful Chinese vegetable cleaver by Austrian bladesmith Benjamin Kamon is dressed in textured African Blackwood with bronze end caps and blacked-out hardware. With mile-high flats that feature Ben's Wave texturing, the 235mm long blade stands 110mm, or nearly four- and one-half inches, off the cutting board. The clean, low-alloy 1.2519 carbons steel is treated and quenched to a very hard 65 HRC on the Rockwell hardness scale, producing a razor-sharp and thin edge below short, convex bevels. Power and strength resonate from every inch of steel. The polished, rounded spine and choil contrast the forge-finished flats, belt-finished bevels, and matte-finished titanium in the handle beautifully. A one-of-a-kind from one of the best in the world.