Bronze Victorian Cleaver 145mm

The second rather incredible Tai Goo Victorian Cleaver, the largest and most robust at over 11" long overall, this striking tool was forged by hand at the artist’s studio Arizona's Sonoran Desert. In its classic and unmistakable shape, the traditional butcher's blade stands 65mm tall at the heel and 87mm, or nearly three and a half inches, at the tip, with enough weight and power to easily move through the toughest cuts of meat. Short, convex bevels receive a silky and beautiful hand-polished finish above a razor-sharp edge, with dark, textured blade flats showing the marks of its hand-hewn origins. The handle, as exquisite as the blade if not more, is turned from a stunning piece of ebonized curly maple, the grain of which is complemented by a series of detailed elements for both grip and a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Capping the handle where wood meets metal is a tapered ring of bronze, and at the rear, domed mild steel and bronze. A handmade S-hook for hanging by the blade's hole is included.