Maple Burl Chef 275mm

Metal artist and bladesmith Saul Kokkinos-Kennedy's ability to meld sleek and bold profiles with dialed-in edge geometry and superb fit-and-finish makes his chef knives stand out from the crowd. And that goes for this incredible, 275mm / 10.6", compound 'S-grind' damascus blade as much as any piece to date. Light and nimble for its size at 8.8oz / 252g, balancing just in front of the heel with a laser-thin edge and touch of lateral flexibility toward its tip, we expect this knife to perform with the best of them. The house-made damascus extends back into the knife's integral bolster, first through a gently curved and comfortable transition, morphing into a tapering octagonal form before merging with spacers of black micarta and brass, followed by a beautifully sculpted piece of maple burl. Exquisite in every way.