Boxelder Integral Damascus Chef 242mm

A superb one-of-a-kind integral damascus chef knife hand forged by Saul Kokkinos-Kennedy of SKK Knives in Melbourne, Australia. The 242mm / 9.5" blade is crafted from 1084 & 15n20 'Explosion' pattern damascus, with a distal taper that thins from a stiff 2.8mm spine at the maker's mark to a slim, semi-flexible 0.4mm width one centimeter from the tip. The convex secondary bevel geometry produces a thin, sharp blade, while leaving enough heft behind the edge to make this a fantastic workhorse in the kitchen, balancing just behind the heel and featuring a slight curve for gentle rocking on a board. The integral bolster, expertly formed to match the octagonal handle profile, flows with grace into a black G10 spacer that is paired with an adjacent brass spacer, and then into the stabilized curly spalted boxelder which is capped at the end with peened brass and a steel pin. A truly beautiful culinary tool in every way.