Berserk Damascus Bunka 220mm

Salem Straub inlays blue and gray stabilized boxelder burl into green-dyed maple to create a handle as unique and beautiful as you would expect from this innovative and talented Washington bladesmith. But if it's the blade that caught your attention first, there is good reason. Standing 68mm tall, Salem's new Berserk mosaic damascus forms the top 4/5 of the blade's bevels, containing the concave portion of the 'S-grind' convex bevel geometry, the same pattern found in the integral bolsters. Below, contrasting the meticulously forged, complex, and dense Berserk patter is a band of spirograph damascus to form the convex edge of the knife. Razor sharp, hard, and thin from tip to heel, Salem has created a cutting tool for daily use with the looks and stunning finish of a one-of-a-kind heirloom object. It is very much both.