Spiral Wootz Kard

Inspired by the kard knives common to Persianate societies of the 18th century and earlier, Peter Swarz-Burt's rendition is hand-forged from a single piece of his own homemade wootz carbon steel. The wootz's beautiful, damascus-like pattern is on full display along the bevels of the 143mm / 5.6" blade which Peter has shaped for culinary use, whether at the dining table as a dinner knife or in the kitchen as a carving and slicing tool. In one-piece, integral construction, making full use of Peter's extensive experience in artistic blacksmithing, the blade blends seamlessly with a handle that exhibits beautiful details including a twisted spiral element in the center that offers both grip and control as well as the unique aesthetic from which this one-of-a-kind creation draws its name.