Koa Twist Gyuto 195mm

A daily-user in profile and form, a head-turner in style and finish. From bladesmith Niko Nicolaides of Detroit, Michigan, this hand-forged chef knife features a 195mm / 7.7" blade in a unique, high contrast, multi-bar twist damascus pattern created in-house by Niko, etched and polished to a beautiful sheen. Relatively straight, thin, and razor-sharp, the gyuto-inspired profile enjoys just enough curve to rock nicely on the board, with excellent convex bevel geometry adding to the performance of a blade that can easily become your go-to option for all daily food prep needs. Retaining strength and rigidity throughout, the spine thins and drops just before the tip to give the versatility of a tool that is ideal for detail work as well as the bigger cutting tasks. To control the hard, thin edge on the cutting board is a gently faceted and tapered handle of two-tone koa wood with a spacer of carbon fiber.