Persimmon & Bamboo Chopsticks Set

Just as the shades of the clouds, shapes of the ocean waves, whistles of birds, these chopsticks offer a raw, one-of-a-kind experience of nature in the home. They are crafted one at a time from persimmon wood and bamboo canes by Eric & Lori Wright, the creative and sculpting forces behind ME Speak Design. Created by the force of nature, a portion of the limbs of the majestic grass are kept intact as a design element, and each bamboo holder is lightly charred by fire, developing its own palette of shades. The composition is elegantly completed with the shine of copper inlays at the end of each chopstick. Creativity and artistry are fulfilled through the versatility and precision of beautifully tapered, medium-width round tips of the chopsticks below octagonal upper portions, making each meal a more deeply satisfying experience.

*See individual photos of each set on a wall to select the unique design you desireI