Spalted Beech Santoku 178mm

In quintessential Martin Huber style, designed and built for daily use with a handcrafted aesthetic that balances polished-and-refined with brute-de-forge in a way we love comes a santoku chef's knife for everyday cooking. With hard, sharp, and thin 178mm / 7" long edge that stands 58mm tall at the heel, this is a big knife in a package ideal for smaller workstations and those who enjoy a needle-like tip a bit closer to the handle for detail work and precision slicing. Forge-finished flats contrast satin, hand-sanded convex bevels etched to reveal the blade's layers, including band of nickel, 1.2519 carbon steel edge, and stainless cladding. For style and comfort Martin has combined spalted beech wood with elements of stainless steel and carbon fiber into a tapering, shield-profile wa style handle with flush steel retention bolt visible at the rear.