Ashwood Copper Gyuto 255mm

A versatile, full-size workhorse gyuto by Austrian bladesmith Martin Huber is the knife to rule the chef's kitchen. Forged by Martin from a 9-layer blade steel made to his south by Austrian metallurgist and knifemaker Tobias Hangler, the tool's function is matched only by its striking looks and the story of its origin. Tobias recently helped develop the new high-performance blade steel ApexUltra, which makes up the hard, thin, and very sharp 255mm / 10" edge, while layers of pure nickel, copper, and outer jackets of 80crv2 carbon steel providing the cladding. Balancing around an inch and a half in front of the rounded choil, the knife is robust and weighted in the hand, and tough and rigid along the spine, while offering a thin edge below mid-height convex bevels and a full-distal taper to a very fine, needle-like tip, allowing it to perform the most demanding cuts, and the most precise. To wield the beautiful blade is a handle shaped from ashwood with a black G10 ferrule that has received Martin's texturing on the front face.