Techno Bark San Mai Gyuto 215mm

Outstanding balance, an aggressive, Eastern profile with thin, razor-sharp edge in stainless-clad san mai, and good looks to match, all in the form of a chef knife handmade in Raceview, Australia by Luke Scheepers and his family; collectively, ScheepersBuilt. Luke employs a combination of computer-aided design and machining, hand-sculpted geometry, and boldly finished, high-performance materials, to produce a function-first tool for the kitchen. Convex, satin-finished bevels continue downward through the darkly etched V-Toku 2 carbon steel core, culminating at very thin, very sharp edge at 62 HRC hardness to create a relatively lightweight and fast blade that nonetheless maintains strength and rigidity, thinner than a workhorse, yet more durable than a laser. Above the satin-finished steel is a ceramic-coated area that bares the textured result of a generative design process, dubbed 'Techno Bark.' For grip, beautiful double-dyed maple is fitted with rings of G10 and aluminum and carved to form a comfortable, Western-inspired handle.