Chestnut San Mai Chef 205mm

Bladesmith Korben Bloomfield of KWB Knives has delivered an exceptional culinary blade forged from a homemade steel formula that provides a hard, 63 HRC cutting edge of 26c3 carbon steel surrounded by layers of pure nickel and 420 stainless steel cladding. Quite thin and razor sharp at the edge below tall, beautifully shaped convex bevels, this German-style chef's knife is built as a precision slicer, a touch slimmer all around than some of Korben's work, the spine's distal taper to a very fine, pointed tip further adding to its slicing abilities. A silky, hand-sanded satin finish is contrasted by a dark, forge-finish along the blade's flats, complemented by a light texturing across the handsome integral bolster, the top of which accentuates the five layers which comprise the blade. For comfort and control Korben has sculpted a piece of dyed and in-house stabilized chestnut wood, complete with exposed retention nut at the rear allowing for disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. A custom display stand is included.