Black Nickel Integral Chef 205mm

In a house-made 80crv2 carbon steel and nickel blade formula forged by hand with integral construction and a silky black finish from bolster to tip, this incredible, one-of-a-kind chef knife by Korben Bloomfield will make the heart race. From the laser thin, needle-like tip at the end of the spine's distal taper, to the 65mm-tall heel with slim, convex edge for outstanding slicing performance, the blade's balance and geometry are superb and rewarding in the hand. An oil slick-like rainbow pattern across the dark bevels is complemented by the nickel's bright glow, the lines of which are visible as well on the top and bottom of the sculpted and textured bolster. To complete the build, Korben has shaped a beautiful piece of green dyed and stabilized horse chestnut burl in to a comfortable, hand-filling form that connects operator with tool in style. A retention bolt is accessible at the rear for disassembly in the case that maintenance is needed. A custom-made wooden box and display stand are included.