Tsuchime Skate Santoku 202mm

The first santoku available from brothers Kamil & Michal Hanuljak of the Czech Republic, this head-turning chef knife has everything it takes to become your go-to cutting tool for 99% of daily kitchen work. A thin, sharp edge with ample flat section toward the heel for making quick work of big chopping jobs; a subtle curve up to a low, thin, pointed tip for slicing and detail work; and finally, the weight, balance, and comfort to do it all with easy and delight. For cutting performance and toughness, the matte grey forced-patina bevels, forged by hand from 1.2063 high carbon steel, are short and subtly convex below blade flats that feature a beautiful hammered 'tsuchime' finish. For grip, comfort, and control, inspired by both brother's lifelong love of skateboarding is a handle sculpted from cut and stacked reclaimed boards, shaped in a long, high-polished, octagonal form that we could wrap our fingers around and ride off into the sunset.