Damascus Skate Gyuto 227mm

Clad in house-made damascus steel with a hard, sharp, and thin cutting edge of 1.2842 high-carbon steel, Kamil & Michal Hanuljak have delivered an exquisite, full-size chef knife to rule the kitchen. Inspired by the storied Japanese cutlery and crafted using the same traditional methods, the 227mm / 8.9" blade features an extremely fine, needle-like tip that sits low in relation to the handle, perfect for detail work and long, precise slices, backed by a hair-popping edge with flat section toward the heel for efficient chopping of the largest items, and a slight upsweep toward the tip for carving and versatility. Stiff along the nicely faceted spine for comfort and good looks, the blade offers a balance between workhorse toughness and the finesse sought after by cooks who will use one knife to do it all. For comfort and control, a wonderfully shaped octagonal handle with extended top plane is made from cut and stacked reclaimed skateboards, and ode to the brother's love of the sport, their desire to use simply, clean, locally sourced materials, and to the creative freedom that knifemaking affords them. A one-of-a-kind tool to turn heads wherever it goes.