White x Kniamen Chef 270mm

The latest artist collaboration to grace our collection is an absolutely beautiful, purposefully designed, full-size chef knife handmade by France's Antoine Kniamen of Adonis Forged Arts, and New Jersey's Joshua White of Cut & Scavenge. Each a talented independent artisan of sole authorship knives in his own right, these two makers came together after admiring one another’s work from across the Atlantic, with Antoine forging the 270mm / 10.6' long by 60mm tall blade, with Joshua creating a handle in his iconic style to match. In damascus clad san mai, or "damaclad" as Antoine calls it, the outer jackets consist of random pattern damascus made from O2 and 15n20 carbon alloys, layered atop a core of high-performance 1.2519 carbon steel, hardened to 62 HRC with a selective quench. Outstanding, full-convex bevel geometry slims downward to a thin, sharp, near-zero edge shaped for durability and cutting performance, while a full-distal taper along the spine makes for a dynamic and versatile tool, tough and stiff in the rear for demanding cuts, and slim, refined, and slightly flexible at the tip for detail work and slicing. Completed in New Jersey at Joshua's shop, the handle is shaped from black G10 in frame construction, with detail carvings all around for grip and an aesthetic we love, and finally, inlayed, and capped at the front, with gorgeous blue and turquoise carbon fiber. A retention bold screw with brass collar is visible at the rear, allowing the knife to be disassembled for maintenance.