Plume Agate Shibuichi Chef 250mm

Isaiah Schroeder's newest creation may have outdone the last, and that would be no easy feat. We will tell its story, and you decide. First, a blade is forged by hand at Isaiah's Madison, Wisconsin studio from a striking piece of his own house-made stainless damascus, in AEB-L and CPM 154 high-performance alloys, finished with a high-polished, etched sheen to reveal a dramatic low-layer pattern. With a step in the spine toward the rear and facets at the front face as the material tapers toward an extremely fine, pointed tip, the blade shape with wonderful, rocking curve to the edge profile resembles that of a slicer, and can double easily as a 52mm tall chef with which to do it all. Thin and sharp, mid-height convex bevels provide strength and toughness at the heel, slimming progressively as the tip nears. And then there is the handle. Crafted from homemade shibuichi, a Japanese irogane class material consisting of three parts copper and one part silver, set inside a beautifully sculpted piece of white G10, the form is the result of a lost-resin casting technique and is nothing short of stunning, from the curves and lines where the shibuichi surrounds the blade's spine and provides textured surface for fingers to grip at the front, to the oval shape in the rear. The elegant oval is purposeful and holds the third material to be included in this tool's handle, a cabochon, or polished, uncut stone, plume agate from the famous Carey Ranch in Prineville, Oregon. Delivered in a custom, matching hollly wood saya with shibuichi pin, this one-of-a-kind offering is art in culinary knife form.