Triple Micarta Chef 241mm

Dressed in three complimentary micartas with a beautiful design secured by hidden, internal pins, our first chef knife from Washington knifemaker Dan Bidinger will set the heart aflutter at first cut. With the polished and superb fit-and-finish you can expect from Dan, the long, elegant, 241mm / 9.5" blade stands 56mm tall at the heel yet at first glance these numbers deceive; weighing just 6.3oz / 178g overall the knife enjoys a very light, fast, and quick feel in the hand that we love. From there, the subtleties (and not so subtle elements) that result in a purpose-built cutting machine multiply, with Dan imbuing this blade with asymmetrical geometry, compound with two sections on the left side, and a compound, three-face 'B-grind' on the other for cutting performance and food release. Then there is the full distal taper along the blade's voluptuously rounded and polished spine that slims from 3.1mm above the equally rounded and polished choil to as fine a needle-like tip as you will see on a full-size chef knife. Convex throughout its length just above the razor-sharp edge, this AEB-L stainless steel blade with silky, hand-sanded satin finish is designed to cook night and day in home and pro kitchens alike.