Tributaries Damascus Chef 208mm

The latest heart throb from North Carolina bladesmith Charlie Ellis is this rather gorgeous and unique integral construction chef knife in his new tributaries damascus steel. Forged from 1084 & 15n20 carbon alloys, bands of tightly wound pattern-welded steel, bright with high nickel content, meet centrally at a dark river of the 1084 to create a wonderful feel of movement and organic flow. Above all else, though, this knife is built to use, the ultimate daily workhorse for all manner of food prep. With compound 'B-grind' bevel geometry, a wide, sturdy spine sits above a pronounced hollow-ground section, followed abruptly by what can be called a fuller which, above the third and final convex section that leads to the edge, all but guarantees near-unparalleled food release and performance for all types of cuts. A needle-like tip at the front provides for precision slices and detail work, and at the rear, stunning undulations and sculpted curves transition the blade into the handle's choil and heirloom-fit integral bolster, faceted on top, rounded on the bottom and sides. Finally, a handle of unabashed comfort is formed from a truly beautiful piece of dark, dyed quilted maple with G.L. Hansen & Son's G-carta and red-dyed maple spacers, and a matching red-dyed maple inlay at the back to cover the mechanically fastened through-tang. Unabashedly original in every way.