Queen of Hearts Chef 198mm

To steal hearts wherever she goes, the latest in a line of one-of-a-kind chef knife creations by bladesmith Charlie Ellis that explore combinations of unique damascus steel patterns paired to striking and complex handles, is the Queen of Hearts. In a slim, pointed profile with relatively straight edge, Charlie has hand forged a jaw-dropping 198mm / 7.8mm blade which enjoys his outstanding compound 'S-grind' geometry, pronounced toward the heel for chopping, and gently tapering out toward the needle-like tip that will slice and carve with ease, with a touch of lateral flexibility in tow. The integral bolster is nothing short of stunning, faceted along the top (as is the blade's spine in a continuation of the bolster's shape), and sculpted with beautiful curves along the bottom to match the forward taper and blade choil. Behind the bolster, dark bog oak and a silky piece of red dyed quilted maple with dreamy chatoyance complete the handle. Balancing just as handle meets blade, this beautiful object is as comfortable in the hand as it is heavy on the heart.