Fudge Ripple Petty Chef 148mm

Metal and wood can be combined in a plethora of ways, whether it's in a piece of furniture, a car, or a musical instrument. Yet when the canvas is a chef's knife, the oldest tool known to humans, the result takes on an aura all its own. In this case, bladesmith, blacksmith, and artist Charlie Ellis has fashioned a homemade low-layer damascus steel pattern to form the blade and exquisitely sculpted integral bolster of a knife that is both incredibly comfortable in the hand, invaluable as a mid-size petty on the cutting board, and a one-of-a-kind piece of culinary art for the kitchen. Charlie's ability to combine curves, facets, and transitions never ceases to amaze, and this knife is a shining example. With a stepped-down 'heirloom fit' the bolster seemingly wraps around a piece of black and white ebony that has been shaped to fill the handle with its smooth grain. Weighted and balancing just behind the blade's heel, the bevel geometry is thin and sharp at the edge and convex above while a full-distal taper slims to a fine tip for detail work.