Linen Vegetable Cleaver 152mm

The most unique and technically challenging chef knife from German bladesmith Oliver Märtens that we have seen is this captivating, single-bevel vegetable cleaver designed for right-handed cooks. The 1.2519 tungsten-carbon steel blade's 74mm tall profile features asymmetrical geometry, flat on the left side with a beautiful, forged texture, and beveled on the right, first through a section of milled grooves which act to assist in food release and overall cutting performance, as well as to reduce weight, followed by a convex lower span which culminates at the 152mm / 6" long, hard, thin, and razor-sharp edge. With the overall weight and forward-leaning balance, these elements combine to deliver a knife that will slide through vegetables all day and all night. Finished with a classic Oliver Märtens handle in black linen micarta with heirloom-fit brass ferrule, brass pin, and three decorative notches on the bottom, this knife is a one-of-a-kind cutting tool for the kitchen.