Ironwood Crook Chef 190mm

You'll find no marks on the knife to indicate who its creator is, yet you'll not soon forget the work of bladesmith Joshua Prince. The chef knife at hand, crafted in Joshua's Rhode Island studio, features a 190mm / 7.5" long by 68mm tall blade with gorgeous cladding formed from layer upon layer of wrought iron, mild steels, carbon alloys, and pure nickel. The cutting edge, thin, hard, and razor-sharp, is shaped from 80crv2, a high-carbon chrome-vanadium steel known for its toughness, making it an excellent workhorse material in the kitchen. This core steel is visible as a dark center-line running the length of the blade's rounded spine, but it is evident more than anywhere as the blade steel fans out into the integral bolster, which marks the balance point of the knife, and for which Joshua has provided a stepped-down, heirloom fit as it meets the ironwood handle. Carved into a crook-handle shape that fills the hand comfortably and naturally, the ironwood is a fitting completion to this stunning, one-of-a-kind tool.