Mt Fuji Honyaki Chef 217mm

Simply exquisite in every way, this 217mm / 8.5" chef knife from bladesmith Greg Cimms features his iconic high-polish "Mt Fuji" honyaki finish. The result of a carefully controlled differential heat treatment and hardening process, Greg creates in the W2 carbon steel a hamon that evokes the recognizable shape of Japan's infamous mountain. To show this, we have added contrast to two of the photos seen here, but rest assured, the blade's tall, convex bevels have received a near-mirror polish, giving the knife an extraordinary sheen that goes beautifully with the handle of satinwood, brass, and G10. Balanced a hair in front of the blade's heel, the knife is weighted and exceedingly comfortable in the hand, designed and built to become any chef's go-to workhorse for daily meal prep, with a thin, hair-popping sharp edge and distal taper that slims over the final inches of the spine to an aggressive, needle-like tip for precision work. One-of-a-kind functional art for the kitchen, handmade in New York.