Greg Cimms Cleaver 160mm

An outstanding cleaver from a top New York-based maker that delivers a sharp edge and versatile specs to every corner of the kitchen. By bladesmith Greg Cimms, pre-owned in new and unused condition, this 52100 carbon steel blade enjoys ample weight and toughness for demanding butchery work, while remaining just slim enough above the razor-sharp, convex edge for jobs that require a bit more finesse. Balanced just at the front of the handle, the silky, hand-sanded satin blade, 160mm / 6.3" long by 77mm tall, moves naturally and easily in the hand. For grip, the business end of this one-of-a-kind tools is controlled by a comfortably shaped Western-style handle of blue and black micartas, secured by two, flush, polished stainless pins and a single mosaic pin at the center.