Aqua Damascus Gyuto 230mm

The full-size chef knife to complement Greg Cimms' Aqua Damascus Bunka 185mm, this one-of-a-kind gyuto will become the object which not only rivals for visual attention the delicacies it helps prepare, but its cutting prowess and functional supremacy will quickly make it any chef's go-to tool for daily meal prep. The blade, hand-forged by Greg at his New York studio, features a homemade damascus cutting edge, quite thin, hard, and razor-sharp, clad with high-polished stainless steel. Throughout the length of the blade's 230mm / 9" reach, the slightly rounded spine, where damascus core can be seen and felt, tapers only slightly along a relatively slim, balanced width, providing a slight touch of lateral flexibility, and ending with a fine, pointed tip for detail work. Greg has dressed this piece of functional art appropriately, combining beautiful maple burl with sterling silver and carbon fiber for a refined yet modern look in a classic octagonal form that will surely make you look, and look again.